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The Build Process

NeuronetExperimenter follows a similar convention to that used by most Unix software. That is, generally new software is built using the commands, './configure; make; make install'. The 'configure' command builds a Makefile, while 'make' builds the software into the local directory tree, and 'make install' copies the binaries and associated files into the main system directories.

Below we have listed several of the other build targets provided in the generated 'Makefile' that may be of interest to developers in particular:

make models

make clean
make distclean
make install
make uninstall
make netGen
make listToAdjmat
make analyzeNetwork

make all
make swig-stubs
make swig-ext
make docs

make models:

Builds the core code including all the .oden-generated models and links the code into the NeuronetExperimenter binary
. This is called when you just type 'make'.

make clean:

Removes all the compiled object files and linked libraries from the directory tree. Useful for making sure that recently modified source code is being properly linked into the executable.

make distclean:

Does what the 'clean' target does as well as removes the Makefile itself, and all the other files generated during the buildModelCode.py execution. This should result in a directory tree that is clean for distribution to other systems.

make install:

First executes the 'models' target, then installs all the available binaries into the appropriate location on the system.

make uninstall:

Removes the files from the system that were moved during the execution of the 'install' target. 

make netGen:

Builds the netGen executable binary.

make listToAdjmat:

Builds the listToAdjmat executable binary.

make analyzeNetwork:

Builds the analyzeNetwork executable binary.

make all:

Builds the 'models', 'netGen', 'listToAdjmat', and 'analyzeNetwork' targets.

make swig-stubs:

DEVELOPER ONLY: Autogenerates the Python stubs for the C++ class interfaces. This requires the 'swig' executable to be in your PATH. 

make swig-ext:

Builds the 'models' target and also builds the Python/C++ interface. This is the default target, and so is called when you just type 'make'.

make docs:

Builds the pydocs for the generated Python interface. May be of interested for script developers.

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